Will robots steal our jobs? - The future of work

Part 2 : Could Robots and machines soon replace humans in the workplace?

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As artificial intelligence improves, machines could soon replace us in the workplace.
Society is facing radical changes. Industry 4.0 - the fourth industrial revolution - is the current trend of automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Artificial intelligence is constantly gaining ground.
Some study found that in more advanced economies like the U.S. and Germany, up to one-third of the 2030 workforce may need to learn new skills and find new work. In economies like China’s, roughly 12 percent of workers may need to switch occupations by 2030.
The report also provides insight into the industries that will be least impacted by robots and the skills needed to fill those positions.
The digital era and the Internet are not just changing industrial production processes. An increasing number of jobless people are facing stiff competition from intelligent machines. One software company owner in the US even says the machines are better designed to do most jobs than people are. And that isn’t just restricted to the car industry.  Workers cost money and employers are out to minimise labour costs. 
What will that mean? Soon there could be more intelligent robots and machines than humans and they could soon be replacing people in the workplace. Industry 4.0 poses a great challenge to the world as we know it and millions of people could lose out in the process.

"Anyone with skills in science, engineering and economics will always be in demand." - Bill Gates

A Film By: DW Documentary

A Report By: Klaus Martens

Camera: Frederik Walker

Editing: Fabian Oberhem

Sound: Dennis Broer

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