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About Us

Movie discovery was created by filmmakers, especially documentary filmmakers. Most of our films are documentaries.
We look for films which are cinematic, fact-based and have a message -- in that order.
We are open to different opinions, even extreme. At the same time we also expect them to be aesthetic, artistic, shot and recorded in the highest level.
We hope all film follow some ethical principles. We would hate to know they are manipulative. If a director has an opinion, he or she should say it out loud, without playing cheating in the editing room.


We are strong believers in learning through films. And we're not speaking about tutorials. One can learn from a film better when the message is indirect. We also believe that films are a great way to learn about almost anything - not just about social issues, but also about science, technology, medicine, philosophy, environment, nutrition, religion and much more.

Movie Discovery is a group of websites, including,, and their respective blogs.
The group also includes our two other initiatives: QuickRights software management tool and Movies Everywhere - a virtual cinema for organizations. 

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