Taste of France : Rene & Maxime Meilleur - La Bouitte

A unique story of father and son of how they have elevated home cooking to exceptional levels

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Meet 10 of France's most distinguished Michelin-starred chefs in this dynamic cooking series. Learn about how they work, live and stay curious in their pursuits of a sustainable approach to cooking perfection along with a learn-how-to-cook-like-a-master chef segment to prepare these haute-cuisine recipes in your own home. On our journey through France we'll explore the creative minds and environments of these entrepreneurial masterchefs. As we dive into their world we'll learn about their struggles to build their own culinary identities and how their early years, legacy, life values and devotion for quality have moulded them into becoming modern culinary legends. With passion for taste and perfection, they introduce us to the sustainable thinking that permeates their craft, from carefully chosen producers, sustainable food handling, to the palate of the guest.

In this program we'll get acquainted with the unique story of self-taught Rene and Maxime Meilleur, father and son running a three-star Michelin restaurant in Saint-Martin-de-Belleville in the Savoy region. As they put incredible focus in their craft, they have elevated home cooking to exceptional levels, while at the same time building their luxury hotel all by themselves. We'll also meet the only producer in the region that still holds up the old tradition of producing sheep's cheese.

Produced By: Fenix Film

Producer: Tobias Elvhage

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