Gunther's ER - Massive Blood Loss

Ep. 2 : What can be done to treat massive blood loss?

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Science Medicine

In the second of this new series, the focus is on blood loss in which Dr Gunther von Hagens together with the British Red Cross explore the impact that accidents and assaults have on the human body, while also demonstrating what first-aiders, paramedics and physicians can do to try to preserve life. This programme explores the different ways we can lose blood, the effect such trauma has on the body and what can be done by doctors to treat it. Dr John Heyworth, A&E Consultant, Southampton University Hospitals Trust, is on hand to supplement von Hagens' dissections with medical facts, while British Red Cross first aid demonstrator, Emma Rand, demonstrates simple techniques for reducing blood loss before additional medical assistance is needed.

Director: David Coleman

Producer: Clare Mottershead

Executive Producer: Nick Curwin

Production Company: Firefly

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