We Allow You to Die

Searching for the unknown Holocaust in the former Soviet Union

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Documentary History Holocaust

A documentary project by Boris Maftsir

The film “We allow you to die” depicts some of the Holocaust events that took place during the first year of the greatest patriotic war in Romanian occupied Soviet Union territories. The Fall of Odessa – 200 thousand Jews lived in Odessa before the war. Only half managed to leave before the arrival of the Romanians.
The remaining Jews endured murderous round ups in the initial days of occupation. 40 thousand Jews were murdered in Odessa and another 70 thousand Jews were deported to camps and ghettos in Transnistria. The majority were murdered there, or died of starvation.
We allow you to die – The story of the starvation camp Pechora on the border between Transnistria and the German occupied Vinnytsia district in the Ukraine. A “model” camp that illustrates the murderous policy of the Romanians towards the Jews: death by starvation and disease.

The project includes eight films. Click here to explore the full collection.


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Director: Boris Maftsir

Producers: Zvi Shefy & Boris Maftsir

Cinematographer: Ron Katzenelson

Editor: Lilia Tzvokbenkel

Original Score: Avi Benjamin

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