A detective story in the Yiddish theater

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Documentary Arts and Popular Culture

This documentary is humoristic (as anything which involves Yiddish should be) and yet -- looks like a detective story. 
It has all the necessary elements: grid, jealousy, passion, bankruptcy, fraud and above all - mystery.

In Israel, until the later 1970's, Yissdih theater was extremely popular, actually more than than the Hebrew speaking one.  Yiddish speakers loved it. Because as the saying goes - "in Yiddish it sounds funnier".
Inside this flourishing community, one actor was extremely popular: Michael Katsapp.
He was charming and talented, but he was also broke. He adored art and was shocked and appalled when he saw how the low-level theater, the "schund" was popular among the wide public.
Schund (pronounced shoond) means trashy, usually a name used for trash literature. In theater, it means melodramatic and overly romantic story, with impossible love, endless logging and lots of dances and singing.
Michael saw success in his schund plays, but deep in his heart he despised it and dreamt of doing the more artistic theater.
In order to make his dream come true, he started raising donations for a high quality Yiddish theater.
He raised a good amount of money, but them, one day, he disappeared with all that money...

With Lia Koening, Yaacov Bodo, Lea Szlanger and more

Director: Yael Leibovitch

Producers: Yael Leibovitch & Ido Zand

Cinematography: Ohad Milstein And Ido Zand

Editing: Yael Leibovitch

Origina Score: Gil Nagel

Soundtrack: Jonathan Mulian

Research: Assaf Galai

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