Poetry Zaban

How can one change reality despite being in a minority opinion?

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Documentary Arts and Popular Culture Politics and Current Affairs

Two young social activists, Gali and Naama, embark on a journey with Yair Zaban and present him with challenging questions. Yair tells them about the struggles he was engaged in and the insights he gained.   

To better focus on these issues, I integrated some Israeli Poetry Slam shots dealing with dilemmas Yair was engaged in.

Participants: Yair Zaban, Naama Lazimi, Gali Har-Gil, many Israel Poetry Slam artists.

Israel Poetry Slam artists: Yossi Tsabari, Lucy Ayoub, Tamir Aharoni, Yotam Manor, Yael Hetz, Alex Roitman, Asaf Shenhav, Yiftah Hayafoor Leibowitz, Tal Cohen, Yonathan Blumenfeld.

במאי: Amir Har-Gil

Research And Executive Producer: Rahel Nehushtai

Editing: Tamir Shapira, Michal Rannon

Cinematography: Yoram Miloh

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