Planet Re:Think

How do we measure our unsellable wealth? And how do we put a true price on our gains?

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Documentary Science Life and Environment

How do we measure our unsellable wealth? And how do we put a true price on our gains?
Economics and environmentalism – two studies often thought to be intrinsically at odds. But are they really so disconnected? An environmental documentary with a difference, Planet RE:think presents a compelling, inherent link between environmental destruction and the global financial crisis, illustrated in the fundamental fallacy of the GDP model in which we measure national wealth. A documentary conversation very much of our times, Planet RE:think asserts that the only way out of economic crisis and into ongoing stability, is actually through the practices of environmental sustainability.
Leading world experts discuss the facts and theories interposed with stunning visuals captured around the globe. The documentary successfully takes us to small, local, personalised examples of man’s labours and their environmental effects, zooming out to illustrate a planetary impact, thus reminding us of the role we each play in a healthy happy world.
As wars over water, oil and gas appear increasingly possible, Planet RE:Think investigates where we are failing and offers us hope for a future on a planet with finite resources.

Winner Best Feature Documentary - Moondance International Film Festival

“We need to RE:think the way we live and act on this planet”

Director: Eskil Hardt

Production Company: Ace And Ace Productions

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