My Brother

Yulie Cohen searches for her brother, who became ultra orthodox, with whom she lost contact 25 years ago

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More than twenty-five years have gone by since my brother turned ultra-orthodox Jew and there is no contact between us. Our Mom and Dad are over seventy-five years old and are about to sell the house we grew up in, and I recently got divorced after twenty years of marriage. Refusing to accept that one who believes in God is not willing to reach back to his sister although secular, I am reaching out for my brother trying to reconnect. I want to have a family again; I long for unconditional love. I do have two lovable and loving daughters, but I will soon have to let them go as they are nearing the age of eighteen. 'My Brother' is a three year journey, during which, through looking inward and outward, I find some major answers to my quest: I get to know my Jewish roots profoundly, I understand people's need to believe in God and why they fall in love with orthodoxy, and I find my own inner peace and unconditional love – no matter what. 'My Brother' takes place in the Jewish state of Israel in 2005 – 2007 where the orthodox population is growing and violence are being fed in the name of God.

A film by Yulie Cohen

Director & Producer: Yulie Cohen

Cinematographer: Oded Kirma

Editor: Boaz Lion

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