And Thou Shalt Love

The difficulties of being both an Orthodox Jew and Gay

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Ohad, who is studying in the special 'Hesder' program for orthodox soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces, experiences profound loneliness while he conceals from others that he is gay. After calling a religious hotline for advice, Ohad is convinced that he is 'cured'. Then Ohad's study partner Nir returns from the army. Ohad finds he can no longer evade the difficult questions, both within himself, and between himself and God.
Director: Chaim Elbaum 


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

First Prize, Best Fictional Film, Maaleh Graduating ceremony, 2007
First Prize, Best Drama, Jerusalem Film Festival (Wolgin) 2008
Audience Award, International Student Film Festival, Tel Aviv, 2008
First Prize, Best Short Film, The Jerusalem International Jewish Film Festival 2008
First Prize, Best Israeli Short Film, FilmIsReal Amsterdam, May 2009
Bronze Pheonix Award, Warsaw International Jewish Film Festival 2009

Director: Chaim Elbaum

Producer: Pazit Lichtman-Epstein

Editor: Tamar Ben-Baruch

Cast: Ori Lachmi, Omer Zonenschein

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