Miss Bluwstein Rachel

The life of Hebrew poet Rachel Bluwstein, known simply as Rachel

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Documentary Biography Arts and Popular Culture

Documentary on the life of Hebrew poet Rachel Bluwstein, known simply as Rachel, considered a national poet of Israel. Includes interviews with literary researchers, poets, historians, and biographers.
A film by Sivan Arbel | Producer: Yair Qedar | Ha-Ivrim (The Hebrews) Series
Participants and interviewees
Dana Olmert
Anat Weisman
Eli Hirsch
Uri Milstein
Haim Beʼer
michael Gluzman
Muki Tsur
Nurit Greatz
Yehudith Ravitz


Director: Sivan Arbel

Producers: Yair Qedar, Michal Weits, Gili Nadav

Editor: Ayalet Ofarim

Illustration And Animation: Roni Fahima, Simrit Elkanati, Ori Toor

Cinematographer: Talia (Tulik) Galon

Original Score: Karni Postel

Animation And Design: JEWBOY

Soundtrack: Aviv Aldema

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