Inside the Mind of a Thief

Burglar Confessions

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Documentary Criminology

This Allen Police Department exclusive interview of career home burglar, Michael Durden, will open your eyes on what criminals look for when choosing a target.

1) What makes a neighborhood attractive to thieves? - 0:45

2) Does having a dog deter a burglar? 2:48

3) Do Neighborhood Watch programs work? 4:28

4) What makes a house attractive to a burglar? 6:12

5) Once a burglar targets a house, what's next? 11:28

6) Once a burglar is in the house.  How much time is spent inside? 24:49

7) How should homeowners hide valuables? 31:00

8) What can a homeowner do to not make their house an easy target to a burglar? 35:59

Read more about the Durden case

Created By: Allen City Police Department

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