Hametz (Leaven)

An optimistic short comedy about mother, Passover and love

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Jewish Way of Life Couples Family

It is Passover Eve, a few hours before the festival is due to begin. The famous Israeli football team Maccabi Tel Aviv is due to play the semi final against Barcelona. Rubi, a divorced 45-year-old sports teacher who lives with his mother, is dying to watch the game, but to please his mother, he must first do the ritual of "Bedikat Hametz", a thorough check of all the rooms in the household to ensure that their home is free of foods forbidden on Passover. The sudden appearance of Ruth, a vacuum cleaner saleswoman on the doorstep, alters everybody's plans for the evening.

A film by Itzik Yuval

Director: Itzik Yuval

Producer: Tali Muskal

Scriptwriter: Itzik Yuval

Cinematography: Tzippi Huri

Editor: Tami Rosenzweig

Leading Actors: Michael Koresh, Channa Reba, Tzippi Mor

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