On reaching her 18th birthday, Eicha decides to formally change her name and try and establish a new identity

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Eicha is a young religious girl living on a settlement.  Her unusual name, Eicha, is the Hebrew title of the Biblical scroll of Lamentations, read once a year on the 9th of Av to commemorate the destruction of the Temple 2000 years ago.  On reaching her 18th birthday, Eicha decides to formally change her name and try and establish a new identity, but the process turns out to be more complicated than she expects...

A film by Laizy Shapira

Best Film, Students Film Festival, Tel Aviv 2002
Best Editing, Cinema Festival, Italy 2001
First Prize, Zoe Internet Film Festival 2004

International Film Festival, Jerusalem 2001
Humour Film Festival, Umberia Italy 2001
Students Film Festival, Belgrade 2001
Jewish Film Festival, Palm Beach USA 2001
Short Film Festival, Potsdam Germany 2002
Israeli Film Festival, NY, Chicago, Miami 2002
Overlook Festival, Milan Italy 2002
Michoalis Festival, Letter to Man, Saint Petersburg, Russia 2002
"Next  Screen" Festival, Tel Aviv 2002 
Students Film Festival, Tallinn Estonia 2002
Jewish Film Festival, NY Jewish Museum 2003
Israeli Film Festival, Paris France 2003
Montplier Film Festival, France 2003
Capabelio Film Festival, Rome, Italy 2003
Karlovi Vari Film Festival, Czech Republic 2003
Jewish Film Festival, Pittsbourgh, USA 2003
Jewish Film Festival, Rochester USA 2003
Jewish Film Festival, Pleasantville USA 2003
Jewish Film Festival, Vankouver, Canada 2003
Mishkolts Film Festival, for young directors, Hungary 2004
Students Film Festival Tel Aviv 2004
Students Film Festival, Prishtina Kosovo 2004
 Zoe International Film Festival 2004
Short Film Festival, Bosan, Korea 2004


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director: Laizy Shapira

Producer: Avital Muscal

Screenwriter: Laizy Shapira

Cinematographer: Boaz Shahak

Editor: Avital Muscal

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