Drawers of Memory

Searching for the unknown Holocaust in the former Soviet Union

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Documentary History Holocaust

A documentary project by Boris Maftsir

In the sixth film of the project about the Shoah in the Former Soviet Union, filmmaker Boris Maftsir sets out on a journey to uncover the memory of the Holocaust in Latvia, where he was born and grew up until he made aliya to Israel in 1971. The drawers of memory open as the search exposes the complex history of the Jews of Latvia: before, during and after the Holocaust.

First drawer  - an unusual attempt by a group loyal to the memory of the victims to put together a full and detailed list of all the Jews who were in Latvia on the eve of WWII.
Second drawer  - the work of Latvian “guardians of memory” who have taken on the idea of remembering the image of their Jewish neighbors who are no longer.
Third drawer - a personal drawer of Boris Maftsir who learns and discovers his own memories of the Holocaust. 

The project includes eight films. Click here to explore the full collection.


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Director: Boris Maftsir

Producers: Zvi Shefy & Boris Maftsir

Cinematographer: Ron Katzenelson

Editor: Lilia Tzvokbenkel

Original Score: Avi Benjamin

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