Doda Diya

Aunt Diya takes her nephew to an unforgettable journey to her birthplace

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I've been living with my aunt (Doda) Diya for six months now and that's what she says every time I complain I'm a penniless student. Doda Diya, a widow who leads a simple life, had waited 40 years to fulfill her biggest dream; returning to Jerba, a tiny island off the south of Tunisia where she grew up, to celebrate a memorial event for a righteous woman along with hundreds of other Jews.

A film by Moshe Huri

Special Award, Jewish Film Festival, Jerusalem 2001

Haifa International Film Festival 2000
Jewish Film Festival, Bryton England 2000
Israeli Film Festival, NY, LA, Miami USA 2000
Students Film Festival, Belgrade Yoguslavia 2000

New Delhi, India 2001
Jewish Museum, Paris 2002


Produced by Ma'aleh Film School

Director, Producer & Screenwriter: Moshe Huri

Cinematographer: Ran Aviad

Editor: Nurit Yaakobs

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