Institute Subscription Plan

$ 1430 / year
Charged yearly

Frequently asked questions
  • What's included in the subscription?
    Unlimited access to all films, to any number of concurrent users. Accessible to all students and faculty. An option to create segments from any video. Carefully curated, categorized film inventory.
  • How do we access the films?
    Either through email or SMS verification (the system can host as many as you wish) or IP authentication. A self service dashboard lets you manage the IP addresses or ranges yourself easily.
  • Can we track usage and statistics?
    Absolutely. In the institution's dashboard, librarians or other authorized users can track the name of the films divided by minutes and dates watched.
  • I think films are great for education and research, but our management is not there yet. Can you help convincing them?
    Of course, Please download the following document, which includes an overview of research and surveys made regarding audio-visual content and its positive impact on knowledge acquisition and education. Download
  • What are your terms?
    Please download a sample agreement here. Basically, it says that we are responsible for handling copyrights for the films, while the institution must make sure that only students and faculty from that institution can access the system. Download
  • Can we discuss the price?
    We guess you would like to pay more-:) - In case you don't, we can discuss reductions for smaller institutions, communities, secondary schools etc. Please click CONTINUE, fill out the form and ask for a reduction.
  • Can we have a free trial?
    Absolutely. Please click CONTINUE, fill out the form and ask for a free trial with no commitment.