The Winner Loser

An intimate portrait of a man determined to cope with memory loss

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Psychology Family

Daniel Macnee can’t remember what the weather was like yesterday – never mind anything that happened in his past. Danny has a rare condition called hydrocephalus or "water on the brain", which destroys his brain function and memory. Danny exists in the moment, he’s created an extraordinary way of navigating through each day and coping with the memory loss.
We observe his unique set of rituals and follow him as he visits a series of eccentric family members and friends whilst returning to significant places that played an important role in his past. He makes these trips armed with his notebooks, crammed with information only he can understand.
Filmed over a year ‘The Winner Loser’ is an insightful and entertaining documentary, providing an intimate portrait of a man determined to piece together his own history and overcome the massive challenges he faces every moment of every day. We are taken into Danny’s world with a mixture of animation and an observational approach that is both sensitive and probing. 

“intimate and beautiful and touching”


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