The Merry Wives of Windsor - A play by William Shakespeare

A timeless comedy of love temptation, imaginative deception and marital loyalty

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Shakespearean Drama of the Highest Quality Performed at an authentic recreation of The Globe. With performances by world famous award winning Shakespearean actors this series has recaptured the Elizabethan flavor of Shakespeare's own Globe productions by staging them just as they were seen in the 16th century. Shakespeare's timeless comedy of lover's seductions, fanciful deceits and marital fidelity. Sir John Falstaff, a roguish seducer, plots to entice potentially unfaithful wives and then live off them. Falstaff writes identical love letters to both Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. Falstaff's intentions are discovered. The wives plot to teach him a lesson while Mistress Ford's husband uses the opportunity to test his wife's fidelity.

Written By: William Shakespeare

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