Shadow in Baghdad

A journalist researches about a young woman who escaped to Israel after her father was kidnapped in Baghdad

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Documentary Family Immigration and Absorption

A young journalist from Baghdad sets out to write about Linda Abdul Aziz, who escaped from Iraq to Israel in the early 70's and about her father, who stayed in Iraq, was kidnapped and disappeared and his fate remained unknown. The physical barrier between Linda, who is in Israel, and the Iraqi journalist, is broken by the Internet and suspicion converts into trust. Slowly they uncover the tragic end of Linda's father, as well as that of a whole Jewish community that thrived in Iraq for over 2000 years.

A film by Duki Dror


Nomination for the Fund for Santa Barbara's Social Justice Award for Documentary Film, Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2014



Park East Synagogue, USA, December 2014

UK Jewish Film Festival, UK 2014

Chicago Festival of Israeli Cinema, USA 2014

Iraqi Jewish Association Toronto, Canada 2014

AICE Film Festival, Australia 2014

Gold Coast Arts Center's- Great Neck Jewish series 2014

Palm Beach International Film Festival, USA 2014
DeBartolo Jewish Film Festival, USA 2014
NY Sephardic Jewish Film Festival, USA 2014

Washington Jewish Film Festival, USA 2014

Santa Barbara International Film Festival, USA 2014

Haifa International Film Festival, October 2013


Educational Screenings:

Duke University

NYU Library

University of North Carolina

Harvard University

Library Of Congress

University of Florida
Michigan State University

"This film is a page torn from the protagonist’s private diary, written in her blood and tears, and also a page from the glorious history of this storied community which always knew how to drive out the darkness even from days draped in shadows. …Magnificent!" Ronny Someck, Israeli poet

Director: Duki Dror

Producers: Duki Dror, Yael Shavit, Paul Saadoun

Produced With The Help Of: Yes Doco, Avi Chai Foundation, The Lottery Fund, Gesher Foundation

Screenplay: Galia Engelmayer Dror

Cinematographer: Philippe Bellaich

Editor: Chen Shelach

Sound Designer: Ronen Nagel

Original Music: Frank Ilfman

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