Violence and condemnation from religious leaders plague the 2006 Jerusalem Pride Parade

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Violence, threats of the terror attack and condemnation from religious leaders plagued the 2006 Jerusalem Pride Parade. LGBT citizens of the state of Israel found themselves fighting for their right to exist as equal citizens. 'Pride,' by producers Igal Hecht and Lior Cohen, explore the struggles for the legitimacy of the LGBT community in Israel.

A film by Igal Hecht & Lior Cohen

2007 Inside and Out GLBTQ Film Festival Reel Out!
Halifax GLBTQ Film Festival. (HGFF)
Aired on OUTTV in Canada and HERE TV in the U.S.

Directors: Igal Hecht & Lior Cohen

Producer & Editor: Igal Hecht

Original Score: Shawn Sussman

Director Of Photography: Lior Cohen

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