One Eye Wide Open

An intimate portrait of renown Israeli Artist Zvi Lachman

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Israeli Society Arts and Popular Culture Identity

The film follows Israeli Artist Zvi Lachman, during the decade 1998-2008. Lachman's sculptures and charcoal drawings involve processes of accumulation, addition, subtraction and erasure. Lachman's art is shaped by the tension between a liberal, secular worldview and between the religious roots of culture; between Israeli and Jewish identity; between a universal and international consciousness and the demands of a local identity. American critic Geoffrey Hartman describes Lachman as one of the best, if not the best sculptor working presently in Israel" (NY Arts)

A film by Aner Preminger


"I've seen films" International Festival of films on Arts, Milano 2010
Epos International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv - Israel 2009
Epos International Art Film Festival, Tel Aviv - Israel 2010

Directors, Producers & Scriptwriters: Aner Preminger, Ami Drozd

Cinematography: Roni Catzenelson

Editor: Ami Drozd

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