Nazareth Cinema Lady

An involuntary warrior and a woman in a men's world is creating an oasis of culture

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Women Documentary Human Rights Biography

the story of Safaa Dabour, a religious Muslim from Nazareth, who established the first and only Arab cinematheque in Israel. Safaa's father and husband passed away while she was a young mother to two young boys however years later she succeeded in taking charge of her own fate and freedom and established the cinematheque. Unfortunately it was all downhill from there…
A Muslim in Nazareth, an Israeli in the eyes of Arab countries, an Arab in Israel, and primarily, a single woman in a men's world, an involuntary warrior, she travels to bring Arab box-office hits from Arab countries alongside family films from the U.S, Europe and Israel, and seeks, against all odds, to create an oasis of culture for the society to which she belongs. This is a cinematic profile of a courageous woman whose path to freedom is interwoven with the battle for her own cinematheque.

Winner of the Israeli Film Competition at the Epos International Art Film Festival 2016
Official Choice at the Haifa International Film Festival, September 2015
Official Choice at the 'Other Israel' Film Festival at JCC Manhattan 2016A film by Nurit Jacobs Yinon

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Director And Producer: Nurit Jacobs Yinon

Cinematography: Ronnie Katzenelson, Ran Aviad, Ron Babersky, Roey Roth, Udi Moses ,Dror Manzura, Oded Kirma, Nurit Jacobs-Yinon

Editing: Ayelet Ofarim

Additional Editing: Limor Pinhasov, Bracha Zisman-Cohen

Soundtrack: Rotem Dror

Scoire: Mark Eliyahu, Didi Erez

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