Jenny & Jenny

Two cousins, best friends and one poetic, observational film

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Women Family Children and Adolescents

Jenny and Jenny meet everyday. Jenny and Jenny talk everyday. Jenny and Jenny write each other all the time. Jenny and Jenny have a broken heart. And happiness. They are 17 years old, cousins, born and raised in Bat Yam, a working class town south of Tel Aviv.

The film follows Jenny and Jenny one summer in their lives, accompanies them when they wander between childhood and womanhood. The two girls live life of great passion and innocence all at the same time, in the blurred areas where reality and dreams mix together.

How is the world deciphered in the eyes of Jenny and Jenny? What form does the feminine identity take in their eyes? What do they love and what they suffer from? 

A film by Michal Aviad

Director: Michal Aviad

Cinematography: Ethan Harris

Editing: Tali Halter-Shenkar

Line Producer: Anat Sperling

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