Hidden Battles

An intimate film about the psychological impact of killing on the lives of five soldiers

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"Hidden Battles," a feature-length documentary, is a dramatic and deeply intimate film about the psychological impact of killing on the lives of five soldiers. How does killing change the person who pulls the trigger? "Hidden Battles" weaves together moments of reflection and realization from people who struggle with what it means to kill in all of its complexity. The film offers unique insight into the internal conflicts that veterans around the world continue to face long after they have left the battlefield.

A film by Victoria Mills

Film Festivals and Awards

Rhode Island International Film Festival, 
Taiwan International Ethnographic Film Festival, 
Salem Film Festival, 
Santa Cruz Film Festival, 
Hearts and Minds Film Festival, 
Landlocked Film Festival, 
Festival un Film per la Pace, 
DocUTAH, Ridgewood Film Festival, 
Istanbul International Documentary Film Festival, 
Honorable Mention at the Columbus International Film and Video Festival.

"Hidden Battles is a powerful testimony to war and it's effects on those who fight in them. The world needs to see this film.”

Director: Victoria Mills

Producers: Victoria Mills, Hayley Downs, Kathy Leichter, Lila Yomtoob

Director Of Photography: Danae Elon

Editor: Bryan Gunnar Cole

Original Score: Maxim Moston

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