Gaza Sderot

Life in spite of everything: a story of two cities

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Documentary Human Rights War Politics and Current Affairs

The film "GAZA SDEROT" started as a web project documenting the life of people in Gaza (Palestine) and Sderot (Israel) every day for two months. The stories were aired via the Internet on a specially designed website and users had access to these contents which included the videos, blogs, forums, links etc.
On year later, the film goes beyond a reconstruction of what was filmed for the website. it is a new point of view, one year after the war.  The underlying point of view is really in the essence of what all the characters were telling us in their stories: the situation cannot go on as it is, something needs to change. The characters did not imagine this war while we were following them although some of them had a sense some kind of cataclysm was coming. This loads each and every story a new and very powerful meaning.
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Produced for ARTE, with the participation of Sapir College Sderot & Betselem
Nominated for the Emmy Award

Osnat Trabelsi // producer
Graduate of the Department of Film and Television at the Tel Aviv University. Chairwomen of the Israeli Documentary Filmmakers' Forum. Owner of Trabelsi Productions, which produces political and social films. Among the films she produced are international award winning films such as Arna's Children (director: Juliano Mer Khamis), Strawberry Fields, Ashkenaz, Pizza in Auschwitz, Jaffa, the orange's clockwork and the original ground breaking webdoc “Gaza-Sderot”. She initiated and directed the first International Human Rights Film Festival in Tel Aviv and Ramallah. In 2007 she was chosen by The Marker as one of 40 women who make change in society.

Producers: Osnat Trabelsi, Arik Bernstein

Directors Of Editing: Era Lapid, Nadav Lapid

Videoshoots Directors: Robby Elmaliah, Khalil Al Muzayyen

Production Companies: Trabelsi Productions, Alma Productions, Ramattan, Bo Travail, Upian

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