Decoding Dyslexia

Understanding what a dyslexic person encounters in his or her life.

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Documentary Psychology Science Family Education

Eight percent of the world’s population is estimated to be dyslexic. But very few people understand of recognise this condition.
Decoding Dyslexia provides an experiential, first-person understanding of what Dyslexia is and the challenges a dyslexic person encounters in his or her life. Usually when people hear the word dyslexia they only think of the reading, writing spelling and maths problems a child is having in school. Some associate it with word and letter reversals, some only with slow learners and laziness.
Decoding Dyslexia demonstrates through personal stories how some dyslexic people have suffered injustices, humiliation, and unfair treatment due to their condition.
Conversely, we meet successful dyslexic adults who use the positive side of their dyslexia without even realising it. They simply think they have a knack for doing something, without realising that their special talent comes from the mental functions that prevent them from being able to read write or spell very well.
Decoding Dyslexia will change viewers perspective of dyslexia from disability to gift by explaining in an accessible way both the negative and positive sides of the condition.

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