Chasing Happiness - Happily Ever After

Ep. 6 - why don’t we all laugh a little more?

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Psychology Family

Music pushed Beethoven to the brink, and then brought him back from the edge. In the final episode of Chasing Happiness, Adrian will listen to music, and endeavour to find out why it makes him rather happy.

Hooked up to 6000 electrodes, which measures his brain waves and heart rate while listening to a series of music, Adrian discovers how his brain and body reacts to music.

Studies have shown that simply hearing laughter is enough to make us laugh and join in the fun. The funny thing is that humans are the only species that laughs, and laughter is actually a complex response that involves many of the same skills used in solving problems.

In addition to the domino effect of joy and amusement, laughter also triggers healthy physical changes in the body. So why don’t we all laugh a little more? In this episode, funny man Adrian explores the world of laughter, sounds and music. He will get his very first dose of laughter therapy.

It is indeed happily ever after for Adrian.

Awards : 
Winner Best Lifestyle Programme - BANFF World Media Festival 

“This fast-paced show quenches your curiosity on the question that is closest to our hearts”

Director: Angeline Swee

Producer: Felicia Koh

Story Development And Writer: Perry Ho, Angeline Swee

Editor/Colourist: Tea Wee Boon

Music Composition And Audio Mix: Suite Sound

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