Chasing Happiness - Eye Ball Happiness

Ep. 5 - The eyes are the windows to the soul

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Psychology Family

To philosophers, the eyes are the windows to the soul. To doctors, our eyes are the window into our bodies and state of health. To us, our eyes are the windows to the world.

This episode of Chasing Happiness explores the important and most crucial linkage to happiness - our eyes. They are the windows to our souls because what we see, we believe, we emote, we become.

This episode sees Adrian undergoing a retinal test. He is also blind folded and deprived of his sight for an entire morning before he heads off to talk to the top eye surgeons and doctors.

Our eyes reveal more than we realise and it is our window to happiness. Of the five, sight is perhaps one of the most important, if not privileged, sense we possess. It is a complex and intricate process of gathering, focusing and translating light into images.

So how can we keep ourselves happy, and in good cheer then? By keeping our eye… on the ball, of course.

Awards : 
Winner Best Lifestyle Programme - BANFF World Media Festival 

"This fast-paced show quenches your curiosity on the question that is closest to our hearts”

Director: Angeline Swee

Producer: Felicia Koh

Story Development And Writer: Perry Ho, Angeline Swee

Editor/Colourist: Tea Wee Boon

Music Composition And Audio Mix: Suite Sound

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