At Home in Orland, Maine

Another story of homebirth, by Nicolle Littrell

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This birth features the second homebirth experience for Valerie Bates and her husband, Todd Cotier. Valerie and Todd are both from Maine. Todd is a mechanic and Valerie, a stay-at-home Mom (for now!). They have three children, Austin, Cooper and Penelope. A family is an important centerpiece of their life.
Val and Todd had a homebirth with their second child, Cooper, in November of 2008, which is featured in two other films in the At Home in Maine series: "At Home in Orland" and "At Home in Maine, Part III."
With both homebirths, Valerie and Todd were assisted by Andrea Mietkiewicz, CPM and Evelyn Conrad, CD of Clear Light Holistic Midwives of Old Town, Maine.
Valerie is almost two weeks "overdue" when she and Todd meet with Andrea for a prenatal visit at Andrea's home/office. The film presents a natural holistic model for how this midwifery practice addresses their client's concerns, focusing on the "mind-body" connection.
Several days after this visit, Valerie has a very fast labor and births her daughter Penelope in the birth tub!
Though Valerie's birth with Penelope is normal, Valerie begins to bleed heavily post-partum. The film shows how midwives are trained to address these kinds of complications.

A film by  Nicolle Littrell

Director: Nicolle Littrell

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