White Night

Every night Palestinian women illegaly cross the border to Jerusalem

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White Night looks at the female side of the illegal Palestinian worker equation.

Night after night a group of Palestinian women goes on a border-crossing journey from their village, crawling on the ground through a hole in the fence and into Jerusalem. Here they pretend to be Israeli, blend into their surroundings, and go to work in order to support their children. On these nightly journeys, they share with each other their lives, pain, hopes, and dreams. These women maneuver their lives between the men who forbid them to work and the Israeli soldiers who pursue them. They risk capture and arrest every night to work as cleaning ladies in Jerusalem.

A film by Irit Gal


Winner Special Mention - The Ahmed Atiia Award 2012

"The documentary is not just a story of doom and gloom, and there are many touching and even comical moments in White Night, as the women share stories of their tough lives and pepper their accounts with humor"

Director, Script & Research: Irit Gal

Producers: Nurit Kedar And Mosh Danon

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