The Syrian Patient

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Documentary War

Under cover of darkness soldiers transfer wounded Syrians into Israel. Military ambulances bring these unknown wounded from the Syrian border. Most of them are unconscious. Majad has lost the lower part of his face. He is brought immediately to the operating room of Dr. Eyal Sela, the director of the ENT unit, he had operating him for nine hours. Majad begins to draw paintings for Dr. Sela and the two develop a special relationship. Also in the film Shacha, a 35 year old woman from Syria and her 10 year old son Rashid, who is fighting for his life. He lost his legs and his body filled with a chemical bomb bacteria.
The documentary tells thew story of the medical staff in Nahariya, Israel, who are trying to do their best to heal the wounded Syrians, along with the victims and their families.
A film by Rachel Schwartz

Director: Rachel Schwartz

Production: Gal Schwartz

Cinematography: Amos Rafaeli, Yosi Seles

Editor: Yael Perlov

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