A young Israeli officer positions his squadron in an inhabited Palestinian house in Gaza

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A taut, suspenseful film, based on true events, about a group of soldiers who need to secure an area in Gaza while their colleagues collect the remains of Israeli soldiers who have been killed in an ambush. Michael, the squad commander, positions his troops in a house populated by a Palestinian family. The platoon is accompanied by a military photographer who complicates the situation by questioning their behavior and posing a security burden through his reckless actions. As their stay in the house is prolonged, tensions boil.

A film by Eliran Elya


Beth Jacob Synagogue, March  2014    
San Diego Jewish Film Festival, February 2014 - with Director
Denver University, November 2013
Middle East: What Cinema Can Do Film Festival, November 2013
Bucharest Jewish Film Festival, October 2013
San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, July 2013
Zagreb Jewish Film Festival, May 2013
Jewish Motifs Warsaw, April 2013
Cherry Hill Jewish Film Festival, April 2013
Austin Jewish Film Festival, April 2013
Toronto Jewish Film Festival, April 2013

Official competition, Jerusalem International Film Festival 2012

The concept of "sanctity of life" is woven throughout the film, as the characters of the soldiers present the mosaic of Israeli society in all its forms, each one relating to the concept of "sanctity of life" in a practical sense. Tzipi Keler, Kipa, March 2012

Director & Producer: Eliran Elya

Produced With The Help Of: The Second Authority For Television And Radio Information, Eli Gelfand Fund Support, The Cameri Theater.

Screenplay: Eliran Elya

Cinematographer: Roee Keren

Editor: Yoni Turgeman Rony Eisemann

Sound Designer & Composer: Yoss Appelbaum

Cast: Michael Aloni, Tom Hagi, Ido Bartal, Moshe Ashcenazi

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