Lenin in October

Grisha must find a statue of Lenin

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The comedy Lenin in October takes place in Ashdod. Grisha has almost given up on his dream of opening a restaurant. The sudden death of a rich uncle in Russia changes all that. The uncle leaves all his money to his beloved nephew for the very purpose of opening a restaurant, but there's a catch. The uncle was a sworn Communist all his life and the restaurant must be dedicated to the sacred values of Communism. Grisha doesn't really mind. What is important here is the dream, ideology is a distant second. But how do you go about finding a statue of Lenin in Israel?

A film by Evgeny Ruman


Special Jury Mention, Haifa International Film Festival 2010

Special Prize for the main Actor Alexander Senderovich, Haifa International Film Festival 2010


Washington Jewish Film Festival, December 2011

Jewish Film Foundation of Australia

Boston Jewish Film Festival, November 2011

Silicone Valley Jewish Film Festival, October 2011

Saarbruecken, Germany, October 2011

Motif- Jewish Film Festival Warsaw, October 2011

Sao Paulo Jewish Film Festival, August 2011
Toronto Jewish Film Festival, May 2011
New Jersey Jewish Film Festival, March 2011

Haifa International Film Festival 2010


Beth Tefiloh Library

Director: Evgeny Ruman

Producers: Chilik Michaeli, Avraham Pirchi, Tami Leon, Julia Schifter

Script: Arcadi Karsilchikov, Evgeny Ruman

Camera: Ziv Berkovich

Editor: Ernest Aranov

Music: Avi Benjamin

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