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In the Middle Ages, once a year on Easter, a representative of the Jewish community was required to appear in the church of Toulouse where he would be hit in the face with an iron glove. In March 2012, the Jewish community received another slap in the face, this time in the form of a murderous terror attack that horrified the entire Jewish community, when four people, three of them young children, were murdered in cold blood. This film, "Toulouse – Between Pink and Grey," takes a close look at the small Jewish community in the period after the attack. How do the Jews of the "Pink City" contend with the trauma of the attack and with rising anti-Semitism? Is the alternative to leave the city, or perhaps to assimilate? The film presents the dissonance between the city's beauty and tranquility and the formidable challenges facing its Jewish community.
The film follows three main characters: Jenifer, a circus acrobat, a secular and assimilated Jew, whose point of departure is a complete denial of her Jewishness. In contrast to her is Roman, a 27-year-old non-Jewish Frenchman who decided to convert to Judaism after getting to know the warm Jewish community in Toulouse and studying Judaism for three years. He is about to complete the conversion process. The Cohen family is a well-established family. The parents are dentists. Although they are not observant, they send their children to the local Jewish school: "With a name like Cohen, one can't attend a public school and not run into trouble." After their trauma as eyewitnesses to the terror attack in March 2012, they decided to leave everything behind and immigrate to Israel. They realize they will have to start everything all over and are a little concerned. The film takes a close look at this tiny, 1,800-strong community in the difficult period after the terror attack.

A film by Michael Grynszpan

Director: Michael Grynszpan

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