To everyone's surprise, Naomi, a young Jewish ultra-orthodox woman, does not become pregnant after her marriage. Is there a secret behind it?

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Women Family Religion Fiction

Naomi, a married Orthodox Jewish woman, is to enter upon her life's work: motherhood. She is young, immature, and has already raised children earlier in life as an older sister in a large Orthodox family. But 22 year-old Naomi is obligated to the social norm.
Do the personal wishes of a young woman stand a chance against a rigidly conservative social structure? Will Naomi's marriage survive the test?

A film by Esty Shuishan

Director & Screenwriter: Esty Shushan

Producer: Offir Yitzhak

Cinematography: Yoav Gertner

Asst. Director And Editor: Elad Sulami

Costume Supervisor:: Malki Fogel

Cast: Sara Von Schwarze, Rotem Shwartz, Bar Peled

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