Distributor? Producer?

We'll create a white-label VOD portal for you for $300.


We'll build a VOD portal for you with your own logo and branding.
The user will meet us only if she or he needs support.


The website can have its own unique URL, whether it vod.yourdomain.com or your own dedicated domain.


You get full access to the management system.
Use the website like your additional website.
In this website you can:
- place links to your main website (production or distribution company),
- add banners,
- edit the About page and add as many content pages as you like,
- add forms
and much more...

Make money

Sell not only your movies, but other movies from Movie Discovery's catalog and earn an affiliate commission.

Fully Hosted

We host the website, provide support to you and to your users, maintain, upgrade and backup the website regularly.


$300 for the initial setup and $50 a year for hosting and support (that's less than $5 a month for a whole portal!).


Tell us about yourself and your company, about your activity and the titles you own. Elaborate as much as you can: Do you have world wide rights? Do you need geo-blocking? Are the movies SD? HD? Are they all in English or have English subtitles? Do you have different versions for each one? etc.