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White Mist

My Terrorist

In 1978, filmmaker Yulie Cohen was wounded in a terrorist attack by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. A stewardess for the Israeli airline El Al, she was attacked along with other crewmembers when getting off the bus to the hotel in London. In a remarkable twist of faith, twenty-three years later Cohen began questioning the causes of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and started to consider helping release the man who almost killed her, Fahad Mihyi. From the time she was a young girl, Cohen considered herself a staunch Israeli nationalist. Growing up in an upper middle class neighborhood in Israel (where her neighbors included future Prime Ministers Yitzhak Rabin and Arik Sharon, and military hero Moshe Dayan), she patriotically served in the military. After working as an Israel coordinator on a film shoot and visiting the occupied territories, Cohen came to realize that both Israelis and Palestinians played a role in perpetuating the cycle of hostility and bloodshed. It was her goal to stand up as a survivor and call for reconciliation on each side. An inspiring story of forgiveness, Cohen's poignant documentary is a moving testimony of human compassion and a call for peace.
Director's website

2.90$ for 4 days    12.00$

The Jerusalem Film Festival, 2002:​
"The Wolgin jury decided to award a special jury prize in the documentary category to My Terrorist directed by Yulie Cohen Gerstel "for the filmmaker's courage in striving for reconciliation in the face of violence and in documenting that struggle in an honest and sensitive manner."

IDFA, Nov. 2002 Nominee for the Silver Wolf Award:
"In My Terrorist, Israeli film maker YulieCohen Gerstel reveals how she, a former flight attendant became the victim of a terrorist attack, and how 23 years later, still haunted by the deadly assault, she's decided to help "her terrorist" get released from prison. It's an act of reconciliation, which is also politically very unpopular in Israel at this violent and volatile time. We applaud her courage for inviting us on her journey as she wrestled with and eventually overcame her own doubts".​

The film was screened in more than 150 universities including Harvard, Yale, Rutgers, UC Davis, USC, Duke and many others.

Produced and directed by Yulie Cohen; Hebrew & English with English subtitles.
Directors of photography: Oded Kirma, Moshe Gerstel and Yulie Cohen Gerstel.
Edited by Boaz Lion
Music by Tal Segev

The film was co-produced and supported by: BBC UK, Channel 8, Israel, ZDF/ARTE Germany/France, TVOntario, Canada, The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema and TV Israel, TV2 Denmark, YLE TV2, Finland, Soros Documentary Fund, NYC.
The film was sold to Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Japan, Iceland and Norway.

Festivals, prizes, awards and screening

The Jerusalem Film Festival July 2002. A special jury prize.
International Documentary Film Amsterdam. Nov. 2002. Nominee in the Silver Wolf Competition.
Seattle Jewish Film Festival, March '03.
Prince Charles Cinema, London March 2003.
Infinity Festival Turin Italy Apr. '03
One World International Film Festival Prague, Czech Republic Apr.'03.
femme totale Dortmund, Germany, Apr. '03.
Nat Film Festival Denmark March '03
Short&Docs Reykjavik, Iceland, Apr '03.
Corporaciףn Cinememoria Quito, Ecuador 2003.
San Francisco International Film Festival, Apr. 03.
Jeonju International Film Festival Seoul, Korea Apr.'03.
The Norwegian Documentary filmfestival May '03.
Seoul Human Rights Film Festival, May '03, Korea
Toronto Jewish Film Festival, May '03.
Montreal Jewish Film Festival, May '03.
Vancouver Jewish Film Festival, May '03.
Budapest Israeli Film Festival, May '03.
Leiptzig Cinemateque, Germany. 3 screenings May '03.
Washington DC International Film Festival, May '03.
The Amnesty International Film Festival Los Angeles May '03 & Seattle, Salt Lake City, Pittsburgh, and Laramie, WY
Berlin Jewish Film Festival, June '03.
Human Right Watch at Lincoln Center NYC, June '03.
Film Forum NYC, 2 weeks X 5 times a day screenings June-July,'03.
Calgary International Film Festival Canada, June '03.
MAKOR/NYC (two days July,'03.
Locarno International Film Festival in the frame of videotheque on the issue human rights. Aug. '03
Denver International Film Festival Aug. '03
Union Theatre, Milwaukee Univ. Wisconsin, three days in Sep. '03.
Human Right Watch Barcelona, Sep.'03.
International Human Rights Film Festival, Nuremberg. Sep.'03.
Cinema Paradise Festival, Hawaii Sep. '03
17th Leeds International Film Festival, Oct. '03
cinema mediteraneen montpellier France, Oct. '03. In competition
DokumentART, Neubrandenburg, Germany- in the competition Oct. '03
7th Brighton Jewish Film Festival Oct.'03.
Imperial War Museum, London on Friday 31st of Oct. '03 at 2.00.
Phoenix Cinema, London. Sunday 2nd November '03.
Human Right Watch Barcelona, Nov.'03.
The Nashville Jewish Film Festival, Nov. 15-20th '03.
2003 common ground film festival, and university film series. Nov. '03. Washington DC.
The Nashville Jewish Film Festival, Nov. 15-20th '03.
One World Documentary Film Festival, Nov.'03, Bratislava, Slovakia
FONDO MIXTO DE PROMOCION CINEMATOGRAFICA Bogotב on November 4 to 8 and afterwards in ten cities more in Colombia.
International Human Rights Festival of Documentary Film – "ONE WORLD" Prishtin –Kosov Dec. '03.
PALM BEACH, JEWISH Film Festival Dec. '03
The Miami Jewish Film Festival Dec.08th '03.
Innsbruck, Austria "cinematograph" LEO KINO Dec. '03
The Congregation Bnai Emunah, Tulsa Oklahoma Jan. 10th '04.
Tiburon International Film Festival. March '04. California
Center for Jewish History, NYC May 1st 2004, Monday Night Film Series for fall 2003



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