I'm ready - Knowing When to Let Go

Written by Tony Jassen.

I am rwadyTaking care of a special needs child is never easy, even more so when the parent is no longer capable of taking care of themselves. This is the dilemma central to “I’m Ready”. The father and son have their daily routine. The son, with Down syndrome, leaves for his job in a factory. He crosses the street and calls out to his father, looking down from the window, “I’m ready”. The father waves to him and he leaves for his job. But as we learn, the father is suffering from memory issues, and one morning forgets. The son waits for his father to wave goodbye. And waits. And waits. When the father eventually realizes what has happened he must come face to face with the reality of his situation, and that is he can no longer care for his son.

What seems to be a film about dealing with a special needs, very quickly becomes something more. It is about recognizing the frailty of life, and how time passes and we do not realize how much we have changed. While this film portrays an unconventional relationship, every parent who at some point has let go of their child will recognize the themes in it. As will everyone who had to face the reality that their idyllic childhood has come to an end.

With no fancy camera work, or effects, the film relies on the power of the simple, yet complex, story it tells.


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